Read these testimonials from past customers.

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    Contractor: Guardian Electric Inc.
    Project: North Shore Solar Farm
    Products Used: 500+ JBX884 & JBX12124

    Hands down the new boxes beat out the old boxes. Working in the cold all the time, there were no screws to find in the snow or in a pocket. You just needed one tool to open and your fingers to close it. No cross threading, no rusting, no problem! We didn't know how we were going to attach these boxes to the masts for the solar arrays. Well Scepter came through again with the pole mount brackets; we were able to attach a box to a pole in less than 10 minutes from opening to installed.

    --Kevin Homberg, Guardian Electric Inc.

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    Contractor: TM3
    Project: Toronto Hydro Gatekeeper Program
    Products Used: 800 JBX442, Pole Mount Kit (PMK4-12)

    The pole mount kit was very easy to use – we were installing over 800 junction boxes onto utility poles across the City of Toronto. The first time I saw your new junction box I was like, “Thank you!” I love the fact there are no more loose screws to deal with and the “click” that you hear to know that the fastener is fully engaged.

    --Ryan Savin & Jordan Savin, Installers

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    Contractor: AG Electric Ltd.
    Project: Fire Alarm Upgrade
    Products Used: 50+ JBX664

    These boxes were great to work with. The new closure mechanism provides a NEMA rated seal and the fact that there are no metallic screws was great. Tools are still required to open the box once fully closed so tampering by unauthorized people is limited. In addition these boxes have guide lines on the outside of the box so when drilling for Terminal Adaptors (TAs) it is easy to be centered and with the correct offset…especially when drilling many at a time.

    --Martin Butcher, Lead Electrician

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    Contractor: Electro Kingsey
    Project: Communication & Security
    Products Used: 10 JBX666

    The new Scepter JBox is very easy to open and handle. Installation was fast and easy. There’s no other box like it!

    --Bruno Grenier, Electrician

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    Contractor: Lavigne Energie Confort
    Project: Multiple agricultural installations
    Products Used: Variety of sizes

    I really liked the way the gasket was integrated into the cover; it made it so easy to install.

    --Christian Bachand, Electrician

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    Contractor: Turcotte 1989 Inc.
    Project: Lighting for Baseball Park
    Products Used: 28 JBX664

    The new Scepter JBox was easy to install. The new pole mount bracket really simplified the JBX installation on the top of the concrete poles for each cross member.

    --Philippe Chiasson, Contractor